2017 Makeup – Try the Trends!

Feeling a little bored and need an update for your makeup and beauty routine? Try an idea from the 2017 makeup trend list below:

  • Natural, Breathable Skin – It may be time to take a step back from contouring, highlighting and strobing – but only if you want to! Try the contrast of fresh, healthy, natural skin with a bold eye or a bold lip and see how you like the look. Add a little rosy blush to your cheekbones for a natural finish.

  • Shiny Metals – Make this the year to shine with metallic eye makeup. Bronze is the metal of the moment. The trick with metallic is not to go overboard. The new metallic look isn’t necessarily big chunks of glitter, but instead a solid wash of allover shine.

  • Colored Eye – If metallic eye makeup is not your thing, consider a colorful eye. On trend for this year are colored eye shadow, eyeliner, and even colored mascara! Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to pull off this bold look.

  • Lip Gloss – Bring back the gloss! Use lip gloss for a refreshing change that offers dimension, shine, and youth. If you still have some of last year’s matte lipstick you need to use up, just add a coat of lip gloss on top.

  • Monochromatic Look – All you have to do is pick one super-flattering color and apply it to lips, cheeks and eyes. What could be easier than that? Try your favorite shade of pink which is also trending at the moment.

  • Glitter Lips – This is a continuing trend that is a lot more wearable than you would think – give it a try!

  • Bright Cheerful French Manicure – The basic french manicure is enjoying an upgrade with contrast tips in colors and metallics.

Remember, true beauty always shines brightest when you are wearing whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. So try a new trend to spice things up or keep using the products continue to make you feel the most beautiful!