5 Questions to Find Out if You Need a New Hairstyle

We all know the importance of visiting the Beauty Bar for frequent trims. Proper hairstyle maintenance keeps your hair healthy, strong, and it prevents breakage. BUT do you ask for the same trim every time? When is the last time you discussed a new hairstyle with your stylist? If you can’t answer that question, you need to keep reading. Here are some signs that scream “I need a new hairstyle!”

  1. Do your “bad” hair days out number your “good” hair days? With a hairstyle that complements your face and the texture of your hair, you should easily be able to achieve more good days than bad.
  2. Do you pull your hair back or up everyday? We admit pulling your hair up is fast and comfortable, but not for everyday. If this has become your everyday look, it is time for a change!
  3. Is your hairstyle just too hard? If you look in the mirror each day and think, my hair is too hard to style and the style won’t last anyway – why do I bother? A great hairstyle should be effortless and low maintenance.
  4. When is the last time someone complimented your hair? Most people only give compliments when a compliment is due, unless they are a total shmooze (you know the ones;). So if it has been a while since you received a compliment on your hair, why do you think that is?
  5. Have you noticed a variation of your hairstyle in a current magazine, TV show, or movie? If not, red flags should be flying!

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are looking at a full on hair makeover. You can switch up your style slightly by adding layers, adding texture, adjusting the angles, adding bangs, changing up the way it frames your face, or asking for a more current version of your existing style. Make an appointment and bring a picture of yourself when you were having an especially good hair day. Use this as starting block to communicate what you like/dislike about your current style and the improvements that can be made.