Wedding  shoes hanging on a tree in the parkThe excitement of a new season creates sparkles of anticipation through the air in every part of Baton Rouge.  After months of doing our best to keep cool, we’ll be transitioning into crisp mornings and afternoons of temperature perfection soon enough.  Embracing the change in season and all that the fashion world has in store is intoxicating and worth looking forward to, especially this year.


Colors Galore

From earthy hues to colors that will brighten your world, this season’s Pantone is lush, vibrant and full of possibilities.  See this falls colors by clicking here:


Bling is back

After several seasons of chunky, oversized jewelry with minimal design, a return to sparkly, feminine jewelry is back with a vengeance.  Big brooches, earrings, hair pins, and necklaces galore could be found everywhere, embellishing and bringing pizzazz to the most subdued outfits of the season.


Carwash Pleats

Carwash pleats made their appearance in New York early, as being the skirt shape of the season.  Later, in Paris they showed up at many of the well-known houses such as Dior and Raf Simons and it was decided that the carwash pleat was the shape of the season.


Black Boots are In

After last year’s tough winter, designers are making it chic to pair a black boot with just about anything.  From pants, skirts, culottes, crops and more, boots are showing up in all shapes and heel heights and sizes.


Flirty, Flouncy Hemlines

The femininity of the flounce hem is happy and flirty. The versatile flounce hemline works for both office and evening and swishes back and forth as if it has its own personality.  Along with a little black dress, every woman needs this piece in their wardrobe.


Fur Covered Feet

Though these shoes look like you’re wearing stuffed animals on your feet, furry shoes are super chick this season.   Adding texture, a focal point and as a conversation piece these shoes were all over the runways as long as used in moderation.  Wear either your fur coat or fur shoes, not both, too much of a good thing is just that… Too much.


Higher Waists, Pointed Collars and Long Sleeves and More

Waists are raising, making for longer leaner lines in pants.  Pointed collars on blouses add a crisp, finishing touch. Longer sleeves on coats, sweaters and blouses that cover wrists, palms even fingers.  Boots that will rise as high as they can go, giving the effect of a liquid leg.  Long thin scarves wrapped in multiple ways in lieu of a necklace or with one. Opaque or sheer tights in patterns, shredded in a gamut of colors and more.


This looks to be a fall of fun, feminine and yet functional styles for anyone living in Baton Rouge.