Good communication between you and your hairstylist can make all the difference in the way you feel about your hair when you leave the salon and when you try to style it yourself the next day. It’s not always easy to get the right message across so we want to offer some tips to prevent communication problems with your hairstylist before it’s too late.

  • Know what you want – You would be surprised at how many clients don’t decide ahead of time the style, look and color they are looking to achieve. To have a successful appointment, you need to do your homework and give your stylist as much information as possible.
  • Tell them in your own words – Yes you need to do your homework, but that does not mean speaking to your stylist in salon terms that you may or may not understand. Describing your vision in detail in your own words will help your stylist to interpret your desires. It is always better to say too much than too little.
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures – Yes, we said it three times. It may take more than one picture to communicate exactly what you want. You can show pictures of your desired hairstyle from different angles, additional pictures of similar styles, and even bringing pictures that show what you don’t want your hair to look like is helpful. Another idea is to bring a picture of yourself when you were having an especially good/bad hair day to better communicate what you do or don’t want from your style.
  • Be realistic – Not all hair types and textures are suited to all styles. For best results, try to make sure the model in the picture you have chosen has similar hair thickness and texture. If not, your stylist should be able to suggest alternatives that will work better for your particular hair.
  • Be honest – Telling your stylist honestly about your lifestyle, morning routine, and hair product/tools will give them a better idea of what type of style you need to succeed. Also, after your cut be honest about your likes and dislikes before you get out of the chair. This will allow the stylist to work out any issues before you leave and also have a better understanding before your next appointment

Following these tips, choosing your words carefully and always being kind when talking to your stylist will get you the hair you actually want!