Tips for Heat-Proof, Humidity-Proof Makeup That Lasts All Day

We all know the iconic scene in the Wizard of Oz that goes something like this, “I’m melting, I’m melting….” Do you ever feel like the same is true of your makeup? With the heat and humidity we experience in this area, it’s no wonder! When you spend extra time and effort to look your best, you want to be sure that look lasts throughout as much of your day as possible. Make that happen with the following tips:

  • Begin with a fresh face by balancing your complexion with an alcohol-free toner that is appropriate for your skin tone. Whisk away any excess moisture.
  • Start with primer. It will create a base for the rest of your makeup that will lock it in place.
  • To prevent a meltdown, stay away from moisturizers or foundations that contain oil.
  • Skip the powder blush and instead go for a blush stain or a cream blush. You can set this with a light dusting of invisible setting powder.
  • Apply powdered eye shadow with a dampened brush to amp up its staying power.
  • After applying your regular eyeliner, use a small angled brush to press dark shadow over the liner. This will set it for longer wear.
  • Weather-proof or water-proof mascara is a must to avoid the lost raccoon look.
  • Blot and powder your lips between layers of lipstick. Better yet, skip the heavy matte lipstick and use a stain in a fun color. You can add a layer of lip balm for moisture.
  • Oiliness can cause your makeup to run. Nip oiliness in the bud with powder or blotting papers.
  • The moment you feel the forehead sweat, blot it away ASAP. Also, did you know regularly consuming spicy foods and caffeinated beverages can contribute to excessive sweating? That’s something to think about.

There you go – do you feel prepared for the heat and humidity now? Do you have any tips that we missed? If you have questions, come in and let one of our professionals give you a makeup lesson – you won’t regret it!