Don’t Make These Mascara Mistakes!

If you took a survey of makeup wearing women and asked, “If you were packing for a trip and only allowed to bring one make-up item, what would it be?” My guess is the majority would answer with one of two items: lipstick or mascara. Both of these items boost your natural beauty in ways that we can’t live without! But in the case of mascara, the magic only happens if you use it correctly. Don’t make these mistakes!

  • Pumping the wand. Yes, it is still happening. There are still countless individuals pumping their mascara to achieve a better coating on the wand. Stop! Instead gently twist the wand as you are pulling it out of the container.
  • Not using an eyelash curler. Quite honestly, you might as well not use mascara without using an eyelash curler – it makes that much of a difference! For best results, gently heat the curler with your hair dryer and curl your eyelashes BEFORE you apply mascara. The results will leave you smiling from ear to ear, trust us!
  • Coating your lashes evenly. If you coat your lashes evenly from base to tip, the tips will become weighted down and will straighten out your lashes. This will cancel out all that great curl you just put in with your eyelash curler! Instead wiggle the wand back and forth at the base to place more product there and then lightly comb through to the tips. Also, did you know applying a heavier coat to the inner portion of your eyes will make them appear closer together, while coating heavier on the outside edge will make them appear wider – try it!
  • Not removing mascara before bed. We know, removing your mascara is the absolute most tedious part of removing your makeup. But, it is an absolute must. Tiny particles of mascara or any other eye makeup can slip into your eye while you sleep and cause redness, itchiness and even infections. It can also dry your eyelashes out leaving them brittle and thin. The exact opposite of the look you are going for!


What did we miss – what are your favorite mascara do’s and don’ts?