Top Hair and Makeup Trends for Spring 2015

Beautiful young girl with curly hair outdoors in denim shirtSpring is  here and it’s time to spruce up our look and meet the season head-on and in the latest style.  Bold eyeliner, muted browns, glittery splashes of color, bright lips, undone hairstyles, loose braids and new trends for manicures, this spring season has a little bit of everything; bold and sassy to mild and muted.

Here are Vogue’s top 10 trends for spring.

Graphic Eyeliner

Whether it’s in the form of an exaggerated ladylike swoosh (Prada), spiky self-made scribble (Louis Vuitton), or blended smoky haze (Sonia Rykiel), bold black eye pencil is the perfect medium to convey the DIY attitude of the season. The bottom line: You can’t mess it up.

Supernatural Skin

The best investment you can make next season is a standing appointment with your aesthetician. Fashion’s fascination with clean, come-as-you-are skin, a sweaty post-workout flush, and the occasional smattering of freckles takes precedent over serious camouflage—and (bonus) cuts your party prep time in half.

Undone Hair

“It feels rich in some way that kind of ease, doesn’t it?” said Palau of the move away from polished waves and toward deconstructed knots and loose, air-dried lengths with a hint of barely perceptible bend at the ends. Working in contrast to spring’s romantic prints, glimmering embellishments, and colorful patchworks, “the hair offsets all of that luxury in a way that feels young.” That’s not to say that low-maintenance means no-maintenance. “Instead of a blowout, hair has to be a good color, a good length, and in good condition, and then it just works,” says Palau.

High-Impact Lips

The lip of the season is rich, supersaturated, and soft around the edges and pressed on with a fingertip. “It’s how a girl would do it herself,” said makeup artist Lucia Pieroni of the stained effect backstage at Missoni, where she was blotting on an electric poppy red paint. “You shouldn’t be able to tell where it starts and where it ends.”

Polished Ponytails

Slick and glossy at Alexander Wang, scraped back low against the nape of the neck at Gucci, and softly crimped at Stella McCartney: Thanks to a quick play on texture, the classic ponytail managed to surprise and subvert on runways from New York to Paris.

Rock Star Statements

What’s cooler than a gothic wing of brown paint brushed freehand along the eyes (Givenchy) or a choppy Ramones-inspired bowl cut (Marc Jacobs) for spring? Elsewhere, punkish mohawks and glam-rock pops of glitter on the eyelids made the case for taking matters into your own hands.

Decorative Hairpieces

Maximal impact, minimal effort: The season’s ornamental hair accessories offered a new way to fasten your hair back, courtesy of a simple gold ring (Céline), graphic comb (Lanvin), gilded headband (Valentino), or a few fresh floral blooms (Dolce & Gabbana).

Painterly Pops of Color

Spring’s painterly strokes of color ranged from the quietly understated to the high-impact. Acid-orange eyes (Peter Som), chalky strips of mint-colored liner (Dior), pastel fabric strips (Fendi), and diffused washes of baby blue color (Rochas) gave eyes an elegant edge.

Slick Hair

Bombshells, take note: High voltage hair no longer requires a blow-dryer. Slick, wet-looking strands—the kind procured from a quick dip in the ocean or a pre-party shower— have never looked better. Wear with a body-con jumpsuit or diaphanous evening dress. 

The Braid Brigade

If there’s one beauty look you experiment with this season, make it a braid. Pretty plaits lend a feminine edge to a garden party frock (Giamba), festival fringe (Marco de Vincenzo), or a work-appropriate blazer and jeans (Bally).

Additionally, new trends were observed during Fashion Week in New York City where nail artists have gone wild creating new and exciting looks for spring.

Fun and Funky Nails

Baby soft colors on nails are all the rage with or without additional color.  Bright, beautiful metallics’, bold reds, nail art has broken through and become a world of amazing design.  A line down the side of glittery silver while the rest of the nail is baby soft is trending in salons across the country.  Painting the end of the nail leaving the moons exposed and painting the moon and leaving the tips exposed both on the same hand allow you to let your imagination run free.  Tribal brushstrokes, horizontal gold lines, even silver studs have been seen for the spring season.  Gold chains, pearls, and two-toned French manicures made the runways earlier this year.

This spring seems to focus on natural beauty with pops of color or pizzazz to capture the attention, a trend that can be embraced by us all.