We’ve all been cooped up for the winter and are now starting to see the first signs of spring! We searched the internet and came up with a few trends that seem to be pretty big for spring and summer.


Eyeshadow goes Blue and Glittery and Bold
Blue eyeshadow was all the rage at the latest NY Fashion Week. From cobalt to turquoise in big swishes to fine eye line, blue is the new hue for spring and summer. Dark kohl liner and full bold lashes that emphasize a doe-eyed look are widely popular. Glittery eyeshadow, sequins, pearls and face lace, anything that adds shine, interest and can be affixed to the face, seems to be a nighttime beauty trend.

A Bold and Beautiful Mouth with Fresh Scrubbed Skin
Lips in vibrant colors of crimson, oxblood, and orange. Frosty lipstick shades seem to be a thing of seasons past, for now. Freshly scrubbed skin with a few freckles made with an eyebrow pencil, capturing the essence of youth. Lightening up on foundation, even using Vaseline on cheeks and eyelids to transform dull skin into a youthful dewy glow. And, don’t forget your cheeks, this year they have a nice, yet subtle pop of color.

All about the Twist
Pony tails, braids, and buns are great, but the two strand twist was a huge hit with a number of the fashion houses and is so easy to replicate, no wonder it’s trending.

Va-Va French Manicure
The French Manicure is back and better than ever, finger nail tips in bright colors, shapes, and patterns if you can dream it, do it.

Beyond the Barrette
Hair accessories are all the rage! From plain black bands to huge bows, flowers, jewels, and gems.

Hair Nation
From fringe to shags, bangs, shaved sides, express your individuality with color and cut. Showcasing your individuality seems to be a growing theme for spring and summer. Wearing a wig to change things up is a throwback to the 90’s. Side parts are showing up all over and the wet-look is back in style. Deep side parts accentuated with glitter is a growing nighttime glamorous craze.

While clothing styles seem to be trending to more conservative cuts, and colors, hair and makeup are making a huge standout. The growing trend seems to be to take one of your facial features and glamming it up into spotlight status and muting all others. This spring and summer, how a person wears their hair is an individual preference, away of life, and according to their own style.